Dear students,

For those of you, who find it stressful to prepare to SAT, ACT, GRE and other exams, we have a new tool to try.

It is not a secret, that preparing to the exams is not always fun. It is rather easy to loose the motivation.

EmuQuest is a new PC tool to help you stay on track. EmuQuest will watch your computer time, and at the right moment it will display the Math or Science question on your screen. Once you answer one or more questions, you will earn some more computer time. This tool is designed to keep you motivated during your studies, to help you to prepare better, and ultimately increase your score on the test.

You will be able to setup the levels of difficulty and study time balances on your control panel, and EmuQuest will take care of tracing your score.

We will provide this tool to you absolutely free! Only thing we ask is to provide back to us your valuable feedback. Please let us know what you think at

Happy EmuQuesting!
EmuQuest Team