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Education + Enterntainment + Parental Control

The Only Motivated Learning SAT tool on the market
Computer Learning Tool that uses technology the RIGHT way!

"EmuQuest™ is the solution for all parents everywhere. This program puts parents back in control by regulating gaming. Participants must earn time, for using their computer, by answering academic questions correctly. These questions can help prepare students for their SAT, ACT and clep examinations. It is one of the best programs I have seen thus far."
Robin McLaughlin / parent of three /
Happy Family

Hello thoughtful Parent,

Let’s admit it, preparing for SAT Math is not fun, it is a cumbersome and sometimes even boring work.

EmuQuest is taking entirely new approach to child learning motivation. EmuQuest is not just another SAT prep package, it is state-of-the-art Motivated Learning system.

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Brandon (14) is playing his favorite “Barbarian”. Exactly 57 minutes into the game his screen shows Emu warning – 3 minutes left! Brandon has time to finish the episode and press on “Pause”. Then EmuQuest takes over the screen, and a minute later Brandon is working through triangles and circles. He answers 12 questions in about 8 minutes, and earns another 30 minutes of play time. The game is on again, but in 30 minutes Emu will lock the screen again.
The basic idea is simple, since most kids already like spending time on the computer, playing, browsing, socializing. EmuQuest will make children earn their computer time by working through the original SAT prep content. Earned points are converted to the computer time minutes.

Parents are in full control of child computing at all times, since Emu gives them a Parental Control Panel, where they can specify the time limits, credit –to-minutes conversion rate, and SAT content complexity levels.

As the study goes on, Emu provides to parents the simple easy-to-read academic progress report of the child. Emu also gives valuable recommendations about next study program for your children.
Children earn the credits by working through Emuquest educational content. Credits can be used for additional "earned" computer time - games, internet etc.
Parents establish free and earned PC time limits for children.
EmuQuest quizes include short articles allowing children to learn more about the subject, while looking for an answer.
Questions are available for multiple subject areas and multiple difficulty levels.
Parents can allow children access to selected applications at any time, for example if it is needed for home work preparation.
Parents can unlock EmuQuest at any time with their Master password.
Password Reminder and Password Reset features.
Professionally developed educational content in subject areas such as math, geography, music, and science.
A set of 536 Flash Cards developed to cover the following areas of SAT Math preparation. Each card has short explanation helping student to understand the problem if he provided the wrong answer to the question.

Multi-digit operations
Basic Arithmetic Concepts
Fractions and Decimals
Ratios and Proportions
Lines and Angles
Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons
Counting and Probability
Interpretation of Data
Functions and Graphs